Tougher The Challenge - Higher Our Resolve

Evolving technologies lead to demanding requirements. Satyam works in close coordination with customers for development of products with challenging specifications. Our expertise in Metal-Chemistry supported by modern versatile pilot plant set up and highly advanced analytical facilities has lead to successful development and execution of many challenging requests from our customers.

Satyam follows the Stage-Gate model for Innovation and Custom Development:

Custom Development Process

Gate 1

Defining the customer’s requirements including key technical targets and delivery system

Gate 2

Identifying and planning the best approach including route(s) of synthesis, formulations, process conditions, resources required and feasibility study

Gate 3

Implementation on pilot plant with the planned route(s) of synthesis, optimisation of process conditions and resources until the desired target is obtained.

Testing & Validation
Gate 4

Complete stage-wise testing, validation of process and analytical methods

Gate 5

Commercial scale up of process and delivery of product to customer

Target Customers

Custom Development & Manufacturing Capabilities

Satyam specialises in the production of high purity and ultra-high purity Metalbased Chemicals. Our development and production capabilities are elaborated as follows :

Metal Acetates
Metal Hydroxides
Other Bismuth Compounds
Metal Carbonates
Metal Nitrates
Other Lithium Compounds
Metal Carboxylates
Metal Phosphates
Other Manganese Compounds
Metal Chlorides
Metal Salicylates
Metal Formates
Organic Acid Salts